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Free Swarm Collection in Staffordshire

I offer a free Honey Bee swarm collection service in North Staffordshire. I am a member of the BBKA National swam collectors list.

Please bear in mind that I can only collect honey bees so it is important to correctly identify the bees that have swarmed. I also cannot collect bees that have entered a building or part of a building. I am not insured to undertake any structural work to remove bees.

Reasons for Bees Swarming

From time to time honey bees will swarm. Bees will swarm if their existing hive is too crowded or if a new queen has been born in the hive. Sometimes bees will swarm more than once from the same hive. It is always perfectly natural. Mostly swarming takes place in the Spring but can happen during the Summer less often.

What to Do and Not Do!

Whilst it can be an intimidating experience please relax and do not panic. The swarming bees are mostly harmless as they are simply looking for a new home. Do NOT pour boiling water on them, spray with fly spray or otherwise interfere with them. Bees are precious to our planet and every one of them needs to be protected.

They are unlikely to sting but please bear in mind that time is of the essence as it is important to ensure that their food stores do not get used up or that they move into an area where they cause a nuisance.

When a swarm leaves a hive, large numbers of bees build up on the outside of the hive and will take to the air. The swarm will be very loose with bees appearing to fill the air. It will gradually drift towards a nearby tree, bush, hedge, gate, fence or wall and start to settle. After about half an hour the swarm will consolidate into a tight cluster. Some bees will be seen flying around from the cluster. During swarming the bees are often at their least dangerous. Keep your distance and do not provoke the swarm. Scout bees will be out looking for a suitable location for the rest of the bees to nest.

Sometimes bees and wasps will nest in sheds or even dustbins. Unless they are honey bees we cannot collect these. Please contact your local authority or pest controller.

If you think you have a swarm of Honey Bees please call me on 07896 535067.