Hello and welcome to Ali G’s Bees.

Why ‘Ali G’, you might say. Well, I’m Alison Grainger. Over the years I’ve been given (and somehow retained) all manner of nicknames: Bongo, Alibobs, Gringo and Ali to name but a few. Ali G has stuck. I am Ali G. Ali G rhymes with ? … so there you have it. Friendly and a little bit quirky ~ that’s me to a tee.

But Ali G’s Bees isn’t just me. We’re a very large small company. Small but perfectly formed.

There’s the Chief Beekeeper, my husband Cliff. He’s the brains.

There’s our two Golden Retrievers, George and Xander. If I’m honest, they don’t do much but they’re very cute. They’re the beauty.

There’s the Bee Whisperer. That’ll be me, so I must be the brawn.

And then, most important of all, there’s the bees. A few hundred thousand of those little beauties. Hard working, contrary and completely gorgeous.

So that’s us, Ali G’s Bees.

But, seriously, bees. You’re joking! Why bees? These are some of the reactions we get when we say we’re beekeepers. Often it’s just an incredulous or horrified ‘Bees …’ Yes. Bees. Seriously.

The how, now that’s quite a story … Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

All the best tales begin with good intentions and ours is one such story. Cliff’s step-dad, Ron, kept bees in his youth and rediscovered his passion for beekeeping in his 80’s. The bees gave him a new lease of life. He kept his hives in his garden and watching the bees work was far more engaging than anything on the telly. Not only did it improve his quality of life but his health and fitness got better too.

Of course, all the best tales have shades of light and dark, and ours is no exception. As Ron galloped towards his ninth decade, who would look after the bees when he couldn’t? And this is how we embarked on this crazy new life.

Under the tutelage of Ron, or Old-Bee-Ron Keno-bee as we christened him, we bought our first hive and became Ron’s apprentices. Sadly, the stresses of life have taken their toll and Ron’s failing health has led to his retirement from the joys of beekeeping. Thank you, Old-Bee-Ron.

Hands up, who loves a happy ending? While the Ali G’s Bees story is far from over, at the end of the summer the ladies gift us with their delicious amber nectar. You might accuse us of being biased, but goodness me our honey is delicious. Delicious. Completely organic. A limited edition. Get yours now.

Not so much ‘The End’ as ‘Next Chapter Coming Soon …’

Thank you for taking the time to visit Ali G’s Bees. Lots to see. Lots more to come. Do pop in again. You’re always welcome.

The Chief Beekeeper and The Bee Whisperer



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