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Welcome to the Ali G’s Bees website, where you’ll discover the wonderful, fascinating world of our bees and their incredible golden honey.

You can keep in touch with what’s happening down at our apiary here in sunny Staffordshire, follow our adventures in the bee hood, learn about the wonderful honey our girls produce, and perhaps even treat yourself to some. You won’t be disappointed.

Apiary Location

Spring 2018 saw our girls move home to a glorious new site. It was far more traumatic for us than for the ladies. They went to sleep in one location and woke up in bee wonderland. Fantastic for the bees as the larder on their doorstep is made up of Bramble, Elder, Hawthorn, the list is endless. Plus, what a lovely office for us to work in!

It’s a beautiful location with far reaching views of Staffordshire and Shropshire. The ladies share this green and pleasant land with a family of bunnies, a very inquisitive fox, songbirds of all description, and a friendly Buzzard.

Staffordshire Honey

Our bees forage on the nectar from Elder, Bramble and Hawthorn in the hedgerows of rural Staffordshire. They also pollinate the flowers of nearby gardens and local farm crops. Through the course of the foraging year the nature of raw honey alters as the plants the bees forage from change.

There is no comparison between our raw honey and the blended brands sold in supermarkets. Once you’ve tried our honey, there’s no going back. This pure honey has incredible health benefits (particularly for hay fever sufferers), it’s a fantastic addition to so many dishes (sweet and savoury), and it tastes utterly delicious straight from the jar.

Honey Based Products

Honey is a wonderful, versatile and precious product. We use our honey in our fudges, luxury chocolate covered honeycomb and our very effective cough lozenges. Delicious. 2019 will see the introduction of other honey-related products, including our Ali G’s Bees Wax Wraps. Watch this space …

Please take a stroll through our lovely website. I hope you enjoy our bee-related blogs which we hope you’ll find both educational and entertaining. Every day’s a school day but particularly when you’re looking after bees. These hard working little insects are crucial for our future; they are fascinating creatures and we must look after them. As we learn we’ll share the information.

Do stay in touch as I hope to encourage you to fall in love with bees like we have, and perhaps sample some of the finest honey you’ve ever tasted.

Lots of love and hugs

Ali G x

Staffordshire Honey From Local Beekeepers
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